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Student Activities

1. Student Council Activities


■ Introduction of Student Council Divisions


Excutive Division : This division is responsible for the planning of all events of the Department of French Language and Literature, including membership training (MT) and French Department Night. It also oversees lost-and-found items and student welfare. 

PR Division : This division creates promotional materials and encourages students to participate in department activities. It engages in PR through various means such as posters, tickets, pamphlets, invitation letters and SNS.  

Academic Division : This division oversees academic conferences and study groups, allowing students to learn French in a more fun and interesting way. 

Theater Group : La Scène, which is the official name of the theater group, is in charge of organizing French plays for the French Department Night held annually in November. New members are recruited every year to participate in the student-directed plays. 

■ Organization of 2016 Student Council

President – Lee Ji Yun
Vice President - Choi Ji Woo
PR Director - Lee yunbok
Planning Director – Song Hyunsoo
Cultural Exchange Director – Kang Jae hun
Education and Welfare Director – Choi Yeon Ho
Excutive Director - Lee Ji Yun

■ Events Organized by Student Council

2016 Major events of the Department of French Language and Literature
Spring Semester: Freshmen orientation (Saeteo) , Cheerleading Orientation , April 18 Student Movement Memorial Marathon, Ipselenti and festival pubs, etc. 
Fall Semester: Ko-Yon Games, French Department Night , daily pub, student elections, etc. 
Every Semester: Mid-term and finals snacks , student meetings at the start/end of semesters , etc.


2. Student Clubs


FC Ballon - Department soccer team
Established in 1996, FC Ballon participates annually in soccer leagues, presidential tournaments and the KU Cup.

ESTO – Department band
The name of the department band, formed in 2008, means “let it be.” The band holds concerts every semester and participates in the French Department Night. 

La Scène - Department theater group 
The department theater group puts on plays during French Department Night, involving students in all aspects including stage design, directing and acting. 

French Speaking Academy 
French language study group with a focus on speaking

* For more information on student clubs, please inquire through the Facebook page of the Department of French Language and Literature.
* Facebook page of the Department of French Language and Literature : https://www.facebook.com/kufrancais


3. Other Research Activities


■ Undergraduate Research Groups Advised by Professors


The Department of French Language and Literature organizes small-group research gatherings for students to learn French and engage in discussions with professors. Professor Joo Kyoung Sohn has organized biweekly research meetings since 2009, and Professor Young-Rae Ji has supervised reading meetings focusing on French novels. Professor Jun-hyun Kim is leading a research group on French medieval literature. For more information, please contact the Administrative Office or refer to website announcements. 

■ Call for CCP (Creative Challenger Program) Projects by the Educational Development Institute

Korea University’s Educational Development Institute offers a creative self-guided design program for undergraduate students known as the Creative Challenger Program (CCP).  Undergraduate students form groups of three to five and learn creative thinking skills while problem-solving under the guidance of their advisors. For more details, please refer to the website (http://ctl.korea.ac.kr/)of the Educational Development Institute.